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  • ID: 3262
  • name: Daria
  • age: 36
  • country: Ukraine
  • city: Charkiw
  • astral sign: lion
  • children: a child
  • children's wishes: yes
  • height: 164 сm
  • weight: 53 kg
  • figure: athletic
  • hair color: black
  • eye color: green
  • smoking: no
  • education: university
  • employment: Beauty consultant
  • foreign language: ()

Further information


Boy (2004)

Characteristic: active, faithful, naturally, cultivated, loyal, communicative, optimistic, family-oriented, responsibly, romantic, spirited, humorous, athletic, creative, sensitive
Interests: Art / culture (exhibitions, theater, opera, cinema), Cosmetics / perfume, Nature / animals, Sports / fitness / healthy lifestyle
Ideal man:

I really enjoy long trips, I like driving the car and at the same time listening to my favorite music. I like to visit new places, to get to know new people. I love communication and meeting with friends. I love family holidays, when the whole family is gathering together and having fun, telling different funny stories from one’s life J. For me, having a family is the most valuable thing that can be in life. I live by the golden rule "Treat other people the way you would like to be treated”. I am deeply sure that everything, what happens in our life is not a sudden thing. I believe and kindness and optimism, but also I realize that reality is a little beet difference from optimism, but who knows if some people can do the great things, why we cannot do the same. Being in relationship for me is dating with man, who has stable life position, who is self-confident enough to understand that woman is a person, who share happiness, sadness, smiles, who is staying with her partner no matter what and believe in her relationship with her man instead of anything. I am looking for a man, who would be a partner in life for me, a best friend, a person, whom I could tell everything and be sure that I will stay and support my man in the same way, I feel support and understanding from him.

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