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    Terms and conditions of the agreement, the right to withdraw a member of the Internet portal of the marriage agency "Oksana" (d.d. 15.04.2016)

    The main terms and conditions of the agreement, as well as legal information, are the translation of the original version in German. The original version of the main provisions and terms of the contract in German, as well as the relevant legal information, is legally binding.

    1. General information of the terms and conditions of the agreement (d.d. 15.04.2016)

    General terms and conditions of the contract, registration, usage, modification and contents of the main provisions and terms of the contract can be seen on the page in the section ButtonAGB.

    1.1.Terms of agreement.

    Having registered, the user accepts the conditions for rights and duties, which are strict for either party.

    1.2. Membership

    The user / client of the marriage agency "Oksana" can be an unmarried girl who turned 18 and who is looking for a life partner. People who have not reached the age of 18 years can not use the services of the agency. If you do not agree with the terms of the contract, your registration will not take place.

    1.2.1. Having registered, the client accepts these conditions and confirms his / her age. Upon registration, the contractual agreement between the marriage agency Oksana and the registered client comes into force, which is governed by the provisions of these terms and conditions.

    1.3. Term of validity of conditions

    1.3.1. The general terms and conditions of the agreement are valid outside Germany and all over the world without restrictions and relate to each user (client) regardless of his place of residence if he uses the website of the marriage agency “Oksana”.

    1.3.2. The contract is valid for the user, even if he later agrees with the conditions, in case of insufficient clarification of some point in the contract. It is referred to consulting, selling goods, etc.

    1.3.3. Execution of the terms of the agreement does not depend on where (abroad or in Germany) and how the user decides to join the services of the marriage agency "Oksana".

    1.3.4. Registration on the website of the marriage agency "Oksana" is possible only with full agreement with the general terms and conditions, as well as the rules for access to information.

    1.3.5. The marriage agency "Oksana" has the right to change the general terms and conditions of the contract at any time, as well as the rules for access to information. For new users, the general terms and conditions of the agreement, as well as the rules for access to information, come into effect at the time of its validity. Active users will be notified of changes in general terms and conditions of the contract, as well as rules for access to information by e-mail. In the email users will find a link to the current general terms and conditions of the contract, as well as rules for access to information. The user can see them on the site, print or download. Active users will be able to challenge them within 14 days after receiving an email with information on new general terms and conditions, as well as rules for access to information. The marriage agency Oksana will pay attention to this. If there was no contest during the specified time, after the expiry of this period, new general provisions and terms of the contract come into force, as well as rules for access to information. New rules come into effect from the moment of confirmation of the user's consent to the terms of the contract when registering on the site. If the changes are rejected, the previous rules continue to apply. And then the marriage agency "Oksana" uses special legal reserves. In this case, the balance of payment is returned to the user.

    1.3.6. At any time, you can print or download the current general terms and conditions of the contract, as well as rules for access to information.

    1.4. Usage / user community

    All services and information offered by the marriage agency "Oksana" can be used exclusively for personal, non-commercial purposes. Each user confirms that he will use information and services exclusively for personal purposes. All users must be 18 years of age. Each user confirms the correctness of filling the form and entering their personal data. In some cases, the marriage agency "Oksana" may require the user’s photocopy of a passport or foreign passport with a signature, photo and user’s personal data. The user must give his consent to this. When registering, each user is required to agree and execute a contract clause 1.3.

    1.5. Law / storage of the contract / use of the language in the contract

    1.5.1. Here the law of the Federal Republic of Germany comes into force, with the exception of the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods. Jurisdiction in Göttingen, Lower Saxony, Germany.

    1.5.2. The language of the contract is German. The contract was translated into English.

    1.5.3. We do not accept any automatically saved text of the contract on the website for the marriage agency “Oksana”. Therefore, the user himself must keep a copy of the contract or archive the contract. The user himself can change his personal data (name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, etc.).

    1.6. Use of data and rules for access to information of the marriage agency "Oksana" (d.d. 15.04.2016)

    Having registered, the user confirms his agreement with the provisions on data protection of the marriage agency "Oksana".

    2. Description of services and proposals of the marriage agency "Oksana" and the right to cancel the contract.

    2.1. Description of provided services and service trades.

    2.1.1. All users of the marriage agency "Oksana" must fill in their own questionnaire, where they must indicate all the data that is necessary to conduct the dating process. When completing the questionnaire, the user confirms all the authenticity of the specified information. When sending a completed questionnaire, the user confirms his serious intentions in finding a life partner and that is not married at the moment. User’s data and photos are provided to women and checked for mutual interest. All personal data for this process, except for denial, are stored, processed and transmitted among the agency and partners.

    2.1.2. Before using paid services, customers will be informed about prices and services.

    2.1.3. Before using these services, users' attention is drawn to the fact that these services are paid for and the amount of future payments.

    2.1.4. Scope of provided services The customer, hereinafter referred to as the client / user, receives appropriate proposals from the marriage agency "Oksana" in the form of marriage advertisements from the women's photo gallery. Marriage advertisements are quick info (description) with photos. Marriage advertisements of registered women are constantly updated. The client (customer) has the right to use the services of the marriage agency "Oksana" after paying the appropriate tariffs for the provided services for selecting options: The amount of payment depends on the selected options. It is possible to agree on a personal meeting, the partners must sign an agreement about this. The client (customer) confirms his intention to marry and no reason to refuse marriage. The subject of the contract is assistance in the search for a partner or a continuous and repetitious subject of the contract, aimed at directly entering into a partnership or marriage. Everything depends on the selected options. By organizing a meeting in the context of these terms of the agreement, it is necessary to understand the attempt of a marriage agency to build a personal meeting in order to familiarize one or several women. The marriage agency is not liable if the women selected by the client are not ready to meet for some reason.

    2.1.5. Guarantees of the marriage agency "Oksana"

    Marriage agency "Oksana" guarantees that registered women from Kiev, Poltava, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Samara, Minsk and etc. are looking for a partner and are interested in partnering with a man from Western countries, USA, Canada, England etc. In addition, the marriage agency guarantees that the recommended women at the time of the conclusion of the contract are not married and do not support any other serious partnerships. If this is not so, because of unreliable information, the marriage agency is not responsible for this. The marriage agency will not take responsibility for the fact that women after acquaintance with the client are not interested in further contact with him. The claim for independent data check on the partner's guarantee or to provide contact information about this woman is not accepted.

    2.1.6. Traveling expenses The client must himself bear the costs of his trips (transfer, hotel, etc.), an interpreter, as well as for travel and payment (visa, etc.) of women that are invited by him. These costs are not an integral part of this contract.

    2.1.7. The beginning of the contract, the duration of the agreement and the duty of performance the obligation The contract comes into force only after confirmation of receipt of the order or after the transfer of the relevant payment for services and commission, depending on the selected membership / option. Marriage agency "Oksana" executes the contract mainly only under the terms of advance payment. The contract starts to operate from the moment of receipt of payment for services / commission and credit to the account of the marriage agency "Oksana". The term of the contract depends on the selected membership, package or option. For a selected membership, package or option, there are various fees for services / membership. The operation of the contract is terminated by its dissolution by the client. Obligations of the marriage agency "Oksana" do not apply if

    - the client has provided false information about himself or

    - married (depending on the chosen membership / option), or

    - gave a marriage promise, or

    - there were changes in his profile and because of this, the mediation role, according to the marriage agency “Oksana”, is substantially limited.

    2.2. Prices / price changes

    2.2.1. The cost of services / membership for members of the agency and / or people who are not members of the agency depends on the current price list. All prices indicated on the Internet, e-mail and advertisements are free and non-binding, and can be considered additionally when providing services. The paid amounts for membership / options and / or the provision of services are not reimbursed if there is no recall and / or use of the services.

    2.3. Membership data bank of the agency

    To access the data bank of the marriage agency "Oksana" you need to register. Users / members of the marriage agency "Oksana" are granted access to the central data bank under different domains belonging to the marriage agency "Oksana." As the equivalent for all the domain is indicated www.oksana-pv.de. Marriage agency "Oksana" gives all its members the opportunity to access the data bank system. The database contains profiles and information about other members of the agency. Within the terms of the concluded agreement, all registered members of the agency can use this service. Before using the service, users should pay attention to the fact that the service is paid.

    2.4. Advertising

    When registering, the user is asked if he would like to receive e-mail information about the services offered by the marriage agency “Oksana”. This consent can be canceled at any time. Users / members can make deactivation / activation through the account of the marriage agency "Oksana". The relevant e-mails will once again draw attention to the possibility of declaring the refusal.


    The third so-called independent service provider "ICP" (Internet Content Provider)

    The services of a third party (advertising partner, etc.) that are offered on one of the websites of the marriage agency "Oksana" are recognized naturally as "external" rather than as services, provided by the marriage agency "Oksana" and open to users in most cases a new browser-window. Consider that the services provided by ICP are paid and may depend on additional conditions .The marriage agency Oksana assumes no responsibility for the correctness, fair value, testimonial reliability, information, the opinion of the ICP. The marriage agency "Oksana" is not a party or a representative of the agreement between the company ICP and the client. In order to use the services of the ICP company, the client is obliged to inquire about the general terms and conditions of the company contract, and prices.

    2.6. System of payment as you use / paid services

    All free services from the data bank, except those that were explicitly indicated as paid before the acceptance of services, are available to customers. When accepting a payment system, as far as the use of services is concerned, attention is paid to the costs and mode of payment, respectively. The services can be paid directly through the settlement system. Before accepting other paid services, you need to advance the amount to the appropriate account and this amount should cover the costs. The price of paid services and the costs that arise while it can be seen on the website Price-Love-Digits.

    2.7. Claims for quality and compensation

    2.7.1. Marriage agency "Oksana" is responsible only for criminal intent and gross negligence. The liability is limited in any case by the amount of paid commission / fees paid for the service / commission.

    2.7.2. We are not responsible if the user does not have a personal contact with the proposed girl.

    2.7.3. We do not accept any liability for damages, consequential damages, losses or damages that occur to the user during its registration, transfer of its data to a third party or receipt of other people's data.

    2.8. The duty to provide information and notice about the cancellation of the decision of consumers to membership in the agency

    2.8.1. Right to refuse

    You can retract your application, stated in the text of the contract, in writing (for example, in a letter, fax, e-mail) within two weeks without specifying the reasons. The deadline begins after receiving this notice in writing, but not before the conclusion of the contract and not before the fulfillment of our obligations to provide information in accordance with § 312 c section 2 of the BGB, as well as our responsibilities in accordance with § 312 e section 1 sentence 1 of the BGB. To comply with the deadline for the agreement, it is enough to send a refusal in a timely manner. Refusal should be sent to:

    Oksana- PV
    Bonhoefferstr. 15
    D- 37434 Gieboldehausen
    E- Mail: info@oksana-pv.de

    2.8.2. Consequences of cancellation

    In the case of a valid cancellation, the amounts received and, if possible, the proceeds from use (for example, interest) should be reciprocally returned. If you cannot completely, you can partially or only in a smaller amount return the amounts received, then you are obliged to refund them at the earliest opportunity. Obligations to return payments must be fulfilled within 30 days. For the client, the period starts from the moment of sending the application for revocation of its consent with the contract, for the agency from the moment of receipt of the application from the client.

    The client's right to withdraw is premature, if the contract is fully executed by both parties, before the client has exercised his right to withdraw.

    Paragraphs 3. and 4. were repealed.

    5. Duties of Members / Users

    5.1. Handling of information and its confidentiality

    5.1.1. Each member / user is obliged to provide information for the profile only on the information requested specifically for this area.

    5.2. Procedure / handling and prohibition of illegal use

    The offer of the marriage agency "Oksana" can be used only within the law and cannot be used illegally. Each user / member assumes the following obligations:

    5.2.1. Member / user undertakes to use the service only in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

    5.2.2. It is forbidden to disseminate through the marriage agency "Oksana" indecent, offensive, libelous, pornographic, defamatory, racist, forbidden and other illegal material (photographs, hyperlinks, texts, etc.). It is forbidden to use the proposal of the marriage agency "Oksana" for threats, harassment (for example, stalking, etc.) or other violations of third party rights (individual rights, copyrights, etc.).

    5.2.3. It is forbidden to use the offer of the marriage agency "Oksana" for the promise or demand of money, money payments. Once again, we draw attention to the fact that each user / member uses the offer exclusively for personal purposes.

    6. Termination of the contract by the user / member or marriage agency “Oksana”

    6.1. Termination of the contract by the user / member

    The user / member may terminate the contract without giving reasons and observing the term for termination of the contract (§ 626 of the German Civil Code). Termination of the contract can follow after sending by the client of the usual or electronic letter (info@oksana-pv.de) with the indication of the relevant data (address, customer number, user name, code, etc.). By this time, the credit chips that are still available expire and return, payment, transfer of funds are no longer possible. The data is further preserved according to the rules of the law and or for further operations to enforce the contract or possible criminal prosecutions.

    6.2. Termination of the contract by the marriage agency "Oksana" or termination of services

    With individual clients / members, the marriage agency “Oksana” can break the contract at any time without indicating the reason for compliance with the term of termination of the contract (§ 626 of the German Civil Code). In case of early termination of the contract, the customer does not have the right to refund the money that were paid for intermediary services.

    Marriage agency "Oksana" can at any time stop completely or partially provide the offered services. Users / members will be promptly notified by the marriage agency "Oksana" about partial or complete termination of the provision of services. In case of complete termination of services, the marriage agency “Oksana” will return or refund the balance of the amount paid for the services in accordance with the full price of the credit chips. Refunds are made only for the actual payments. Refunds are not made for the winning or donated money. According to the requirement of the marriage agency "Oksana", each user / member must, within 14 days from the day of applying to the marriage agency "Oksana", notify by usual or electronic letter about payment on bank details operating inside the European Community (Eurozone). The balance of the amount is not refunded if this period is missed.

    Once again, pay attention to those rights listed in paragraph 6.2. Rights of termination the contract.

    It is forbidden to re-register users / members with whom the marriage agency “Oksana” terminated the contract. A new service agreement also does not apply if the registration was technically successful using, for example, another e-mail address.

    7. Satisfaction of claims

    The claims of the user / member are satisfied only if they have legal force or are recognized by the marriage agency "Oksana", or cannot be challenged.

    8. Limitation of liability / exemption from liability of the marriage agency "Oksana"

    8.1. Limitation of the responsibility of the marriage agency "Oksana"

    8.1.1. All exemptions from the responsibility of the marriage agency "Oksana", without exception, do not apply to these cases. § 309 7 a (infringement on life, physical body, health) and 7 b (heavy debts = intent and gross negligence) of the German Civil Code.

    8.1.2. The responsibility of the marriage agency "Oksana" for damages, regardless of the legal basis, is limited by its intent and gross negligence, as well as by intent, and by the gross negligence of its representatives and proxies.

    8.1.3. Marriage agency "Oksana" is responsible for simple negligence only in cases when the body, legal representative or authorized person has violated a significant (main) contractual obligation. In this case the responsibility is limited by the usually arising losses.

    8.1.4. Despite all efforts, the marriage agency Oksana does not have absolute effective control over the correctness and security of information exchanged between users / members through the services of the marriage agency “Oksana” or which users place on their profiles. Therefore, the marriage agency "Oksana" cannot take responsibility for this information. Responsibility for this in any case is excluded. It cannot be ruled out that users / members, also if it violates the general provisions of the agreement, can provide incorrect information or use the services of the marriage agency "Oksana" for other unlawful or illegal purposes. Responsibility of the marriage agency "Oksana" for the consequences of illegal or unlawful use of the services of the marriage agency "Oksana" is excluded.

    8.1.5. Marriage agency “Oksana” does not assume responsibility for the possibility of access to the system, as well as for failures caused by the system, interruptions, interference in technical devices and support service. Marriage agency “Oksana” is not responsible for the quality of access to the website of the marriage agency “Oksana” due to increased capacity or due to malfunctions (lack of a data communications or gateway) that the marriage agency “Oksana” should not provide.

    8.2. Exemption from the responsibility of the marriage agency "Oksana"

    8.2.1. Each user / member exempts the marriage agency "Oksana" from all liability, claims and obligations arising from harm caused by other members due to bad gossip, resentments or insult to the rights of the individual.

    8.2.2. Each user / member releases the marriage agency "Oksana" from all liability due to denial of services, violation of rights to intangible values and other rights that were caused by other members or with their help.

    8.2.3. Each user / member completely exempts marriage agency "Oksana" from liability, all claims and expenses that arise as a result of violation by other users / members of the main provisions of the contract.

    9. Rights

    The marriage agency “Oksana” owns all the rights (copyrights) for services, programs, software, technology, brand names, legal names, inventions and all materials. It is allowed to use all programs and their content, materials, brand names and legal names, without exception, only for the purposes listed in the general provisions of the contract. It is strictly forbidden and unlawfully to multiply the services, programs, methods, software, etc. - regardless of the purpose and legal basis.

    10. Stipulated damages

    If the user of this site pursues commercial purposes and / or uses personal data of third parties for profit, and / or violates one or more of the general provisions of this agreement, he undertakes to pay a previously estimated loss of 3.500 Euros to the marriage agency "Oksana". The user in this case is allowed to prove that there is no harm at all, or its size is substantially lower than the lump sum. However, the marriage agency reserves the right to prove that the amount of harm is more than a lump sum.

    11. External references to the marriage agency "Oksana" and the disclaimer

    11.1. References

    Despite careful control of the content, we do not assume responsibility for the content and direct or indirect references to other people's websites "links". Only the site administrator is responsible for the content of the linked sites.

    11.2. Internet -site-links

    On 12 May 1998, the Hamburg District Court ruled that the reference was made for the content on the indicated site when making the link. Responsibility can be avoided - according to the decision of the district court - only if categorically dissociate from this content. We made links to other sites on the Internet on various sites of this website. All of these links relate to the following provision: we emphasize that we are not responsible for the design and content of linked websites. This way we categorically dissociate ourselves from any responsibility for the content of all web sites that is linked to and we do not master their content. This clarification applies to all links on this website, not just those located directly in the link area, including the forum discussion area.

    12. Requirement of written form and final provisions

    12.1. The effect of changes, additional agreements and supplements

    For the validity, all changes, additional agreements and supplements to this agreement must be made in writing, unless they are not subject to detailed individual agreement or nothing else is defined in the general provisions of the treaty. The requirements of the written form can be canceled in writing.

    12.2. Incompleteness and invalidity of the general provisions of the contract

    If the part of the provisions of this agreement is incomplete, invalid or partially invalid, then the validity and operation of the remaining provisions remain in effect. Incomplete, inoperative or partially inoperative position is replaced by a downline.

    13. Owner

    • Marriage agency «Oksana»
      Owner: Oksana Schmidt
      Address: Bonhoefferstr. 15
      D- 37434 Gieboldehausen
    • Phone: +49 5528- 99 98 37 Fax: +49 5528- 20 49 00 86
    • E-mail: info@oksana-pv.de Internet: www.oksana-pv.de, www.oksana-ma.com
    • Taxpayer identification number: 35/ 141/ 02300