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Anti Scam

What is a Scam?

Protection against online scam by unscrupulous women

With our information and advices, we want to warn our members against the snares of the fraudsters / scammers known as "scammers" and protect. The English word scam means something like fraud, scam, cheat Therefore do not be nice with written e-mails and pretend something. It is not just on the Internet "black sheep", we have fraudulent intentions also in all areas around the world. And we can not exclude that unscrupulous women also register at dating sites, to facilitate the more or less successfully unsuspecting and gullible men in many different ways. It is therefore our duty and commitment to complicate these people "scammers" and their deception and suggestion and do everything possible to protect our members.

You should consider the following pages on the topic "Scam" (rip off / scam) read especially on the Internet exactly when this issue should be new to you!

In order to keep our website free of fraud and abuse, we need the help of our members and ask them to report any suspicion of fraud and abuse to blacklist@oksana-pv.de display.

Here is our strategy and some advice, rules and tips on fraud "scammers" on the Internet to avoid possible problems:

1. Anti-scam rules and strategy marriage agency “Oksana“

  • We make every effort to uncover already fraudulent profiles and to terminate them before they are posted. Through this measure our website should be kept free from scams! We do everything possible to protect our members against scam and take action against scammers! Through us you will receive information and declaration on the subject of "scammers".
  • our database is searched constantly for "Scammers" by analyzing the user behavior and data of the women. These are compared with known profiles and typical scam patterns. Constant adjustment and updating on changing scam strategies and patterns with us.
  • Offline profiles can also be asked for further examination, and conspicuousness be banned immediately.
  • Please inform us of any irregularities, such as conflicting reports about a woman, the woman is applying to an agency, writes letters, and she asks for money or is in emergency and so on. Be critical and feedback to us! Let us know! Only then the examination can be conducted by us and other members are warned.
  • Look at all the other information, tips, rules and warnings on the following pages.
  • With us only the publication of ads of real persons is permitted.
  • It is forbidden for us that our members are being harassed by requests for money.
  • Correspondence with business intentions are prohibited.
  • It is prohibited to publish ads on our agency's website, if our users have to pay extra for correspondence.
  • Give "scammers" no chance, inform yourself, do not be innocent and take some precautions! the " scammers " profit from the innocence and ignorance of their victims.
  • On each indicator we have the "Report Violation" behind places and ask all our members to report to us anyone even being suspected of such a small violation.
  • Möglichkeiten, einen Betrug zu melden:
  • Informieren Sie uns und senden einen Bericht an uns.

2. Report scam

3. Avoid to be a victim of a scam-fraud and be aware of some warning signs!

  • Protect yourself from common scams and scammers. Here are some points where you should be alarmed when you are asked for the following examples, asking for large sums of money to pay for rent, large sums for medical expenses (children, relatives, etc.), visa fees, language courses, airline tickets, legal fees for divorce, or other similar excuses.
  • Precaution is advised when women ask for money for the e-mail correspondence and phone calls to communicate with you. It is still (depends on country of origin) for the women e-mail and telephone correspondence comparatively expensive, but also in Eastern Europe is affordable now. We recommend in such cases, not to send money to a stranger, if you have not met in person yet. But it is still possible to imagine to support a woman with about 20 to 30 € / per month , but you should send in no case higher amounts. You might herewith support e-mail correspondence with your competitors. Prefer to make calls more frequent with the woman and thereby accordingly reduce the e-mail correspondence.
  • Always avoid to send money to any person who you met on the Internet and have never met personally.
  • Avoid sending money to any person from another country to pay for a ticket, visa fees or any other costs, even if this is related to a visit to you. Don't let yourself to be put under pressure immediately, even if you want to visit a woman instantly. If you think you are supposed to help a woman, let her not to get money convertible ticket or make sure that the ticket can be cancelled by you and purchase price will be refunded to you.
  • If you help someone from another country to obtain a visa, make sure first about the true intentions of travel and check the requirements for issuing visas with the relevant authorities. But be careful if you pay yourself for the visa fees, cancellations or other costs. When possible, always check the receipts and the issuing company seriousness.
  • Precaution is advised if a woman insists on an expensive apartment for you as an accommodation for your visit.. The apartment is relatively expensive but in poor condition and it is on the reservation so please be careful. Look for an apartment or hotel by yourself and book these.
  • Discover or see more profiles with differing personal data in various Eastern European Agencies / dating sites, it can not be prohibited by us women. Everyone should have the chance to find happiness, even with other east European agencies / dating sites. Make sure if the personal information (name, age, etc.) differ, and please notify our support in this case.

4.Typical scam stitches at a glance

a. Visa / ticket scam

You will be asked by a woman who wants to visit you to raise money for consulate, visa and flight ticket. The woman requests money in large amounts for the trip and the tourist visa so that can book it through travel agency After the transfer of the money you no longer hear from the woman or it is an excuse invented by her, why the journey could not be taken up.


  • Visit the woman in her country or let her come with non-convertible ticket.

b. Sympathy / moneyscam

The scammer asks unsuspecting people after a few nice letters for the sending of money. You are here asked for money, which they desperately need to pay rent, tohelp pay for medical treatment / surgery or a family member or one's child or the cost of travel arrangements, etc..

Therefore is our advice:

  • Never send money to a woman, that you don't know long enough. It may be a scammer here. The best way is to break off contact and inform us immediately.
  • Or you'll get from the woman the name of the hospital and the attending physician and double check these details.

c. Agency Scam

As our men's catalog, is also normally to be found on Russian search engines, also find the rogue agencies can find our catalog. We can not prevent this.

The idea is that our men's catalog is used by women for direct personal contacts without going through an agency or dating service

There are however some women that rely on the use of an agency or dating service if they have an internet access. These women do not have the option of an Internet café (located in the vicinity), or use a mail address of their place of work (employment law reasons). Women are also often lacking the necessary computer skills and the appropriate hardware in order to set up an e-mail address and to upload photos .

These women will even pay an agency for these services, so as in the agency directly to get in touch with men and contact them. This correspondence with the woman is running smoothly without having to turn to the agency to establish the contact.

Unfortunately we can not exclude a black sheep, so we do specify a Black List according to agency and prevent women logins from those agencies.

If you have after a few letters, received a writing from a woman from an agency with a request to pay for the e-mail contact / correspondence, or for translations, inform us to take proper precaution here! Here you can no longer be sure whether this is a real existing woman or an agent wants to get money with fake profile

We ask you to inform our support to blacklist@oksana-pv.de , so we can react quickly.

If you are contacted by an agency by offering you their services, and you do not know how they have your e-mail address so the agency has apparently created a fake profile (fake ad) on marriage agency “Oksana” as as a way to "illegally" come to your e-mail address. This approach itself is a scam and you should continue with further caution. Inform us at blacklist@oksana-pv.de to take further measures:


  • If you write to an agency, you should quickly as possible continue the contact and other communications with the woman outside of the agency. If a woman is to be serious, a different way to communicate (eg via telephone) will be found.
  • If you want to pay for translations with an agency, by giving a chance to the woman to translate the letters. If you get her interest, the matter is clear!
  • If you receive an offer of an agency from Eastern Europe to organize a trip to visit the woman, be very careful and if possible organize your own trip

d. Internet contactscam

You will be asked after a few e-mails from a woman to provide financial support for other internet contact. For the woman the e-mail correspondence is relatively expensive (about 2-3 € per session / hour). A proud Ukrainian Russian woman would never ask you for money and be suspicious!


  • If you have a good feeling, you can assign a small sum of money (about 20 to 30 €) to send.
  • Practice to contact by phone and thereby reduce the e-mail correspondence to 2 to 3 emails / week.

e. Travel andimmigrationscam

These women love to contact you to have their holiday's travel paid. They love to be overwhelmed even with expensive gifts. These women live their spending spree and fun at the expense of the man.

Another scam is travelling with a man from one country to another to spend up to three months there or then a month or two with another man The cheated one believes that the woman is genuine with her affection and thinks and wants a real relationship and requires spending time to find out whether her partner is the right one. But what she really wants is to get know a new country and an easy way to travel to new countries.

These women do exist and are probably very attractive and friendly. These travelling Scammers ask very soon about your financial situation, according to relevant agreements and disappear very quickly after the time being together.

Daher unsere Tipps:

  • Give small gifts, favours with sentimental value!
  • Do not give an expensive phones, computers, etc..
  • Visit the the woman on spot and get an idea of the living circumstances.

f. Apartment scam

There are in cities in Eastern Europe (eg Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, etc.) an active organized groups that purposefully draw the money out of your pocket.

It begins with the taxi from the airport being overpriced and follows by finding an apartment in a bad condition in a residential district on the outskirts of the city . The money for the rent is requested in advance, so you hardly have a chance to refuse the apartment.

The woman can be hardly seen or only shortly and then put off with new excuses for a later meeting. The warning signs should be addressed by you, if the woman is pushing for your quick visit. At the best has booked an apartment for you, so there a holiday can be spent together.

Therefore is our advice:

  • If you have the option, rather take a hotel room.
  • Possible book the apartment yourself

5. Typical elements of a scam correspondence

Remember that a woman does not have already after the first mail headless fell in love with you and take as an indication that women from Eastern Europe are generally very intelligent and educated, to live like a teenage girls, and after several e-mails to fall in love Here are some samples of typical elements of scam to call for awareness:

a. First Contact

The first contact is often not made by you, but you will receive an e-mail from an interesting loving woman. Here are her ideas about the partner of a general nature and any preference for age, ethnicity, or do not play a subordinate role, so that it fits to everyone.

b. Poor UkrainianRussianwomen

Ukrainian Russian women have their pride and do not get right at the beginning of their e-mail correspondence asking for money and do not complain about their financial situation. You should be alerted and vigilant, if they complain about their low income, their debts to fix their defective PC, poor housing, fees for language schools and translation, about sick children and relatives.

c. Perfectlooks

If you have a woman with an age difference of more than 30 years and it still look like a model, whose further information on your person should be almost perfect. And the woman is reportedly not interested in material things, you should already have been warned.

Their relationship and love for each other both developed quickly and in accordance with declarations of love even further with the letter contact, so you should take precaution. Also you should not be caught with sweet and loving words, emphasized trust, honesty and sincerity.. Here you will be wrapped with the appropriate conversation to ask you to contact the next time already for money and gifts and disappear depending on whether it has received money already or not.

d. Very flowery letters in perfect English

Show reasonable doubts when you get letters written in perfect English, they are not meaningful and during the following letters did not respond to your questions.

Be careful if a photo is sent with each letter without one asks you to provide your own photos. Women that are seriously looking for a partner are very interested in your pictures. Check the authenticity of the pictures that will be available from the woman through targeted questions about details (animals, parents, etc.) that can only be answered by the woman and not impostors.

e. Women who do not want to be called

By calling the woman, you get fast judgement whether it is a scammers or not. However, you should have done first few e-mail correspondence with the woman, and she may feel overwhelmed. It may be that the woman has already made bad experiences with the publication of her phone number. Show your understanding of the situation here. It is perhaps the possibility to call a friend or relative, if the woman has no home phone.

f. When changing the address information

For self-protection reasons, it may be that women changes her private addresses, phone numbers and email addresses during their special correspondence. This may have reasons because of bad experiences with letters and phone calls in the past.

It may be that the women spends the weekend with the parents or the weekend house of her relatives and has been using the appropriate connectors for the e-mail correspondence.

6. Additional features, if anyone thinks it honestly

By asking specific questions and the questioning, you can quickly obtain information about the honesty of a person.

  • Do you have a reasonable suspicion when the woman cannot remember your writings
  • Do you have a reasonable suspicion when the woman does not address the content of your letters
  • Do you have a reasonable suspicion when the woman can not remember her own written letters, or perhaps an indication of this is that the letters are written by someone else.
  • Do you have a reasonable suspicion when the woman is not really interested in you, your profession, your community, your parents and siblings.
  • Do you have a reasonable suspicion when the woman does not write about her environment, family, personal things.

7. List of scammers-and-black-lists

We make every effort to keep our site free of scammers and will do everything to protect our members from fraud. We take action against scammers, but still depend on your support and advice. Please notify us of any fraud attempt. Stay in connection with blacklist@oksana-pv.de if you have any questions for us.