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Privacy Notice 

Dear man ......,

Here are some principles and information for protecting your private sphere when you get acquainted with a partner on the Internet, that you would get a certain idea and use the web pages as much as possible www.oksana-ma.com, www.oksana-pv.de, www.oksana-partnervermittlung.de

Tips and hints that would protect your private sphere.

On the website, we offer the opportunity to find a girlfriend, a companion , a woman of your dreams, get acquainted, fall in love.

For this we suggest that you consider a number of principles and rules that would protect your personal sphere.

1. Protection of anonymity.

Make sure that you do not write your contact information (for example, names, email addresses, phone number, home address, work place, etc.). You remain anonymous until you give your information on the Internet.

2. Protection of e-mail, addresses of residence and telephone number.

Before you give someone your E-Mail address, make sure that you have created a separate E-Mail address. It's so easy to protect yourself from unwanted e-mails. We do not advise you to use the official E-Mail for communication, if you do not know this person well enough. You can create a free E-Mail address on the following providers:





Do not use your E-Mail signature with your address and phone number.

3. Use your common sense.

Trust your instinct. Every decision must be well thought out. Spend enough time to check out another person. Ask specific questions and ask a lot to determine whether this person is honest with you or not.

4. Don’t hurry with correspondence by mail.

Ask many questions already at the beginning of the correspondence (about life of this person, her wishes and dreams, about her family and friends) Be careful if your questions remain unanswered. Be careful if a person shows strange behavior and contradicts in communication. Take time to get acquainted with your partner. Honest people will give you time to get acquainted and show you their respect.

5. Ask to show photos.

Ask to show photos, those who do not show them in their profile.

6.Speak over the phone.

Communication by phone can tell a lot about a person and her traits. Do not give your phone number to every stranger. Make sure that your phone number is not displayed and turn it off. Use prepaid phone cards that will provide you with the appropriate anonymity. Pay attention to the country code, which later helps to avoid a large phone bill.

7. Meet with your partner personally.

When using online dating, you have the opportunity to get personal information beforehand and decide whether or not to get acquainted with this person. While dating, it is recommended to choose an open place for this and not near your home or allow to pick up you for a meeting from your home.You should have enough time for your first acquaintance and you must have an apology in advance if an appointment ends. Meet more often to gather enough information. You are advised to inform your friends, friends and relatives about the planned acquaintance. Leave your contacts, friends or relatives contact information of the person with whom you plan to get acquainted personally.

8. Recognize warning signs.

If you recognize warning signs you can avoid unpleasant situations and problems. You must learn the wrong information about age, type, workplace, marital status and profession. Online dating is very different from real life. Your acquaintance should not concern your friends, relatives or colleagues. Do not tell them about your personal life and try to avoid such questions. Beware of people who behave aggressively, show a flash of anger and frustration and try to make you or even dominate.

9. Never send money

Never send money to a girl you do not know enough or have never met her personally. There are a lot of deceivers who want your money. Let us know if any person asked you for money, even if you have communicated with her for a long time. Never send money, it will be safer for you and will save you from harm and disappointment.

10.The following instructions are for protecting your privacy.

Look through our Anti- Scam rules and our approach to fraud. Please help us and protect yourself and others from fraud on the Internet, tell us about such violations to respond accordingly. We hope that we have shown you the appropriate opportunities and steps to ensure the security of online search for a partner,a friend, a girlfriend, a girl of your dreams.

Unique girls of your dreams want to get acquainted, meet and fall in love.