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Service concept of Oksana - marriage agency (Oksana- PV)

 In such a way functions our partner search, partner meeting, partner contact in order to meet and to marry a wonderful Russian Ukrainian woman from Ukraine, Russia or Belorussia!

To get acquainted and to meet Russian, Ukrainian and Belorussian ladies in a simple way.

1. You contact us with a help of button LOGIN or REGISTER. After this you can choose about 10 ladies from the Russian Ukrainian ladies gallery, who you like and who you are interested in. Please put attention on the age differences and on the cities where the ladies live while choosing your favorites from Eastern Europe. We advise you to focus yourself on 1 or 2 cities and/or 1 country, in order to make your meeting with your favorites in an easy way. The list of your favorites will be sent us automatically with your confirmation.

In every case free of charge and without any obligations!

2. After we get your partner-check and further information from the analysis of your partner wishes, also minimum one actual photo of you, we propose you individually the ladies.


we meet each other personally. Here we can help you personally and can discuss everything in detail. In this case we meet at our office. We appoint our meeting and spare time for your questions. Together we can complete your personal profile that is based on our personal conversation or on your written information in your profile in order we can focus on your wishes and presentations. This personal consultation costs 105,- €.

The preparation of information and documents is a guarantee for successful service!

Photo: When you choose a photo, please put attention on the fact that you should choose a good actual and qualitative photo. It would be better when your photos have been made recently by photograph that will give you more chances at your partner search of Russian, Ukrainian and Belorussian ladies. The photos are your first introduction and your visit card that you give the lady. The photos should convince the lady that you are serious in your search. This is the only chance to introduce you and to get interest of charming Ukrainian Russian ladies!

You decide by yourself whether you want to show your photos or not, and if you want then who we can show them. If you have no wish, your photo is only in our hands!

3. When the list of your favorites is discussed with you, we start to check the interest of Ukrainian and Russian ladies. When we ask the ladies about their interest you can introduce yourself to Ukrainian and Russian ladies also with your introduction letter, if you have such a wish. Before we start with the check of ladies you should pay the fee of 385,- € that counts further to the sum of your membership.

4. Our service supposes that you get the contact to adequate ladies that we find for you or that you have chosen in our large Russian Ukrainian ladies catalogue. There is no contact-exchange at our agency. Our partner proposes are made for you individually. They include all our Ukrainian and East-European ladies that are already in our ladies catalogue, also the newest ladies that came to us recently. Completing your personal proposes we put attention on accordance of important personal characteristics. We inform you about the ladies profiles that you have chosen.

5. We introduce you to the ladies abroad you have chosen and send them your photos with information from the partner-check to our Oksana-partners and filiations abroad. Our partners arrange meetings with the ladies you have chosen where they introduce you to them personally. Our staff works carefully on your information you have provided to us. If some ladies want to get to know you closer, our work continues…..

After we have got the answer from the Russian and Ukrainian ladies you have chosen in your favourite list (that lasts about 2-5 days) you get an answer from us.

6. Now you decide, whether you choose Stepp by Stepp service (mailing, Skype- Meeting) or our complete service of Oksana-agency and choose one variant of membership (standard-, exklusive-, VIP- und premium membership or romantic tour). You use our service only in case if concept of service convinces you. In order to use our service and to become our member you just need to pay the honorary or the sum for membership. The service and the term of your membership begin only after the receipt of your payment and can’t be prolonged automatically.

You should remember that direct acquaintance is always something special; here everything starts from very beginning. You can feel there the mimicry, gestures, energetic, smell..... And understand whether you like the person or dislike her. Don’t forget that love is based on liking and this feeling can develop only at personal meeting.

7. After you have been in mail-contact with Ukrainian Russian ladies (depending on variant of membership or service) or you decide to visit and to meet your dream Ukrainian Russian lady, we advice you to organize an acquaintance-meeting abroad. At the first meeting you’ll get very quickly the impression of Ukrainian Russian lady, the opinion about your compatibility or incompatibility.

We support you in organization and coordination of your acquaintance-trip with the help of our Oksana-partners and help you to book the tickets, to settle up the formalities connected with your trip and organize for you transfer from the airport, accommodation (hotel or apartment) and touristic-guide, also a personal manager if you want.

8. We arrange your first meeting for example at the office and our translators help you there. During this first meeting we introduce you personally to our ladies with help of our coordinators. If you want, we can provide you with your personal coordinator.

9. After you have chosen your dream lady you can spend some unforgettable hours and days with her in the wonderful cities of Eastern Europe such as Kiew, Lwiw, Poltawa, Winniza, Odessa, Charkiw, Dnipropetrowsk, Saporischja, Omsk, St. Petersburg, Samara, Moskau, Minsk or others and to visit opera, theatre and other cultural sights.

10. You give us feedback and inform us about your meeting per mail and tell us short, whether you want further contact or you have a happy relationship already and want to make a pause. We will be very much happy when you find your dream lady!

11. We are always opened for you and are ready to provide you our service. We are always ready to help you with your questions and problems, connected with your partner search, contact, the first meeting. We communicate mainly per mail with you. If you want to talk to us personally, you can call us!

12. Choose between different membership variants and concepts. You have enough time, in order to contact the ladies, in order to fall in love, to make relationship, to meet each other in real life……… and, if you need to become our client once again.

13. We help you also with advice about the entrance formalities for the lady while preparing the visa, with questions about the invitation and marriage celebration.

14. We also support you further in documents preparing for marriage celebration and help you with settling up the formalities with different departments if you want.

Meet Russian Ukrainian lady and fall in love with Russian Ukrainian lady. Meet East- European beauties in an easy way!