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Unique Russian Ukrainian dream ladies searching for their partners in Western Europe 

Femininity of Ukrainian and Russian ladies……….

Ukraine and Russia are very much worth to be seen in order to enjoy the bright elegant femininity of women from there. Ukrainian and Russian ladies have always good make-up, wear refined elegant modern clothes and high-heeled shoes. For West-European women this feminine outfit is not usual any more. Here in Western Europe women wear usually more convenient clothes like Jeans and sport shoes. Ukrainian ladies from Kiev always want to be on the top and pay much attention to their outfit; even in winter it’s usual to see ladies in skirts and on high heels. For Russian and Ukrainian ladies is their appearance of a great importance, when they go to work or are going to shopping, or when they bring their children to a kindergarten. Ladies from Moscow want their husbands to be proud of their beautiful charming spouses and pay much attention to well-groomed outfit when they leave their home. Your life will never be boring if you decide to get acquainted with a Ukrainian or Russian lady from St. Petersburg.

Look at our contact announcements and ladies catalogue of Ukrainian Russian ladies, perhaps you find there your lady for future life at the marriage agency "Oksana".

Peculiarities of Ukrainian and Russian ladies

Russian and Ukrainian ladies work as much as their husbands do, grow up children, provide their family, make everything in household and so on. In such a way they get respect of their husbands but they don’t show it much. So Russian Ukrainian and Belorussian ladies put their attention to foreign men, they think that foreign gentlemen give them more respect and attention, that they are sincere and true, don’t drink much and can take responsibility. Ukrainian ladies from Kiev and Russian ladies expect from their partnership with a West-European man, that they grow up children together.

Working activity of East-European ladies

Ladies from Eastern Europe from Ukraine and Russia must work in their country in order to provide their family financially. And at the same time they take care of the whole household without using different convenient electrical devices (dish washer, washing machine, coffee-machine) that are usual for Western Europe. But a lady from Eastern Europe and ladies from Minsk can’t even image how can they stay at home and be only a house-wife, especially if they have a diploma. Ukrainian and Russian ladies will care of their house and family and work due to their profession, if they live in Germany or in other country of Western Europe. For such a lady it’s much important to feel an equal partnership in the family while growing up children or sharing duties at home. East-European ladies are attentive, true, but not dependent spouses and they want to have a intact partnership.

The ladies of our agency have mostly for about 80% a high level of education, beautiful appearance and high human characteristics. They know exactly what they want in life. A lot of ladies are very ambitious and want to become in Germany or in other country not only a house-wife but will try to make their professional carrier.

Because of high academically level and high level of education the ladies learn foreign language very quickly and avoid in such a way language barriers. The decision to leave their home-land was taken not easily and they understand that they leave their families and friends and depend during the first time on their partner.

The first months will be mostly very hard for ladies, they will miss their home. The simplest tasks will be a real trial for them, because they don’t know anybody in spite of their husband and have no acquaintances who they can share their problems with, what is mostly connected with language barrier.

Due to our experience, it will be changed when Ukrainian Russian ladies begin to learn foreign language. In such a way they become more self-confident, more independent and begin to feel like at home.

Of course the lady will be very glad to enjoy the positive changes in her life conditions but at first only this fact can’t improve everything. For Ukrainian and Russian ladies a happy family means much, and love, trueness, reliability, gentleness, sincerity, respect and openness belong to it too.

The ladies of our agency look for these characteristics in West-European and the other foreign men, especially in men from Germany.

Why do East-European ladies look for their partners abroad?

The reason why do Ukrainian and Russian women look for their partner abroad is that West-European men have an other mentality, they have a very good image as husbands and fathers. They can’t say it about the men from their countries. Ladies miss a loving and true partner.

Ladies look for a normal husband who is well-mannered and has some education and a stable work, who doesn’t drink much alcohol and isn’t greedy. These are the main characteristics in order to make a happy family.

Character of Ukrainian and Russian ladies

Life-circumstances and status of women in Ukraine, Russia and Belorussia that depend on culture and life-standard of former Soviet Union influence also the character of Ukrainian and Russian women that differs much from the character of German women.

The main differences depend completely on life-situation, their approach to family-values, their tolerance and patience.

1.Ukrainian and Russian ladies are mostly more tolerant and patient, that is connected with the irattitude to family, support in family is the main priority for them. It is connected mostly with life-standard, because in Ukraine and Russia live usually 2-3 generations with children in small flats together. It influences their dependence, in spite the fact that they don’t depend on their husbands financially.

2.Afterward the life with modest conditions and with many generations that live in one small apartment,they need have much respect to their family, also reserve and donating of own needs and wishes. Owing to all of these harmony can be brought to the family.

3.Ukrainian Russian and Belorussian women have more traditional view of gender roles on the contrary to West-European ones. For Ukrainian and Russian women is their appearance much important and they wear elegant clothes also in everyday life.

4.Ukrainian and Russian ladies don’t accept Western feminism and don’t ask themselves whether they prefer carrier or children. During the lives of many generations they have learnt to unite all of these. For Ukrainian and Russian lady is family the main thing. She invests everything to it and sacrifices her needs and wishes to it. The main role play for her husband and children.

5.While having a conflict Western ladies try to promote their own wishes and interests. For Ukrainian and Russian ladies is more important when there is peace in family and when all the stresses are avoided.

6.Ladies do everything in order to save their matrimony. It’s not unusual for them to be together with their family in bad and hard times in order to pass through all the difficulties. Russian lady is a heart of family, she unites it and it’s her main task to create peace in it.

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