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Marriage Agency Oksana (Oksana- PV), Partner search East-European ladies  


Partner agency Russia, partner search Ukraine, find partner Belorussia, contact partner Baltic, marriage agency Eastern Europe and partner search Russian Ukrainian ladies and Belorussian single ladies from Ukraine, Russia, Belorussia, Baltic and Eastern Europe.

Charming unique Russian, Ukrainian and Belorussian ladies in Western Europe searching for loving and true partner.


Dear sir,

You have chosen the marriage agency Oksana (Oksana- PV) located in Germany.

Thank you for your trust!

My name is Oksana Schmidt and I am very glad that I’ve got your attention with my marriage agency “Oksana-PV”. Eleven years ago I got acquainted with my husband in Kiev and we are living ten years together, have a very happy matrimony and two sweet children. We are a happy international family!

I will inform you personally about the land, people and their mentality with great pleasure.

I think, a lot of people in our world are lonely and can’t find the partner in their country. Perhaps the reason is that their partner lives in another country? So, why don’t you look for your soul-mate in other countries?

There are a lot of international families. And we know that lots of people are ready to look for their partners in other countries.

But in order to meet this person, one should travel a lot, to have some contacts in this country or to become a client of international marriage agency. If it is so, it would be better to find a good, serious, experienced marriage agency…..

Oksana-PV is a world-wide working marriage agency, partner search, partner meeting, partner agency with Online-announcements of international single ladies who are looking for their partners. Its task is to bring together Ukrainian and Russian ladies from Eastern Europe and gentlemen from Western Europe, North America, who are looking for their soul-mates, in spite of borders. Our idea is to give to our clients in their partner search good, reliable and serious service, and to give them a possibility to get to know their partners in an easy and simple way. We help people from all over the world to find their partners, friends and like-minded persons. We support ladies from Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Georgia, Moldavia, the Baltic States and other states of Eastern Europe, Central Asia and of other parts of the world in searching of their soul-mates.

We don’t sell the addresses, we are not singles-market, flirt-platform or contact-market.

Marriage agency Oksana supports the clients and helps in their search until they find the right soul-mate from Western Europe. It’s our philosophy and it’s very important for us. With seriousness and openness we help our clients all over the world to find a serious relationship and a true life-partner. We want to help people in search for their partner. Marriage agency Oksana is a marriage agency, partner agency and gives the East-European Russian Ukrainian Belorussian ladies the platform for their self-presentation. Each gentleman decides by himself, when and how many ladies he wants to contact. Eats-European ladies also decide whether they want to contact the gentleman and what gentleman they want to have a close contact with. In such a way we want to countenance the people who are really looking for their partner. We think that somewhere exists a partner for each person. We support you with our possibilities in order to lead your partner-search to success and we are happy for each couple.

Marriage agency Oksana gives single gentleman especially from Western countries who are looking for their soul-mates an additional chance to find a partner for future marriage or to find and to meet their soul-mates. Use our East-European ladies search and partner search of Ukrainian and Russian ladies in order to find and to contact a beautiful charming lady from Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia for partnership and marriage. Find the lady of your dreams with a help of our online-announcements Russian Ukrainian ladies and ladies from Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia, Baltic and Eastern Europe who are looking for their partners.

Marriage agency Oksana gives you a possibility to send flowers and small presents through our own service. Make a surprise for your Ukrainian soul-mate or Russian partner of your dreams! Let the flowers express you feelings and show your love with a small sign of attention. Make your moments of love joyful and romantic. Remember that Russian Ukrainian culture differs much from West-European in this point. Russian ladies get from Russian men small presents and flowers for each matter and enjoy these romantic signs of men’s attention.

Every day gets and tests marriage agency Oksana new ladies’ announcements in order to give the best quality of the announcements for partner search and marriage to its clients. Photos are worked up and composed individually. Our team actualizes every day contact announcements and ladies’ gallery of East-European ladies’ search. It’s very important for us to improve the private sphere and safety of our users. We work professionally and serious in order to reach that.

Marriage agency Oksana with its local offices in Eastern Europe helps all Ukrainian and Russian ladies in their partner search and partner meeting. Our Russian and Ukrainian ladies are supported in our local offices and filiations. When you meet our ladies for the first time personally in East-European countries you will be supported by our staff in Eastern-Europe, Belorussia, Russia and Ukraine that will help you with in each situation and in each problem.

Meet East-European ladies from Ukraine, Russia and Belorussia in an easy way and look in the contact announcements for the woman of your life. You will find your soul-mate at our agency for sure.

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Well-attended attractive beautiful ladies from Russia, Belorussia, Ukraine and Eastern Europe are waiting of you!

Attractive Russian ladies and charming Ukrainian ladies searching their soul-mates in Western Europe.